ON GOING RESCUE: Our team is on the ground in Brazil helping with rescue efforts. There are thousands of animals impacted by severe flooding. Donate to help save them.

Project KTMO Success!

After a week in Guantanamo Bay, our team is excited to report that Project KTMO was a great success! Our nonprofit coalition, composed of Operation Git-Meow and Army Veterinary resources, worked tirelessly to enhance animal conditions and prevent the spread of animal-borne illnesses such as rabies. And we could not have asked for a better turnout. We provided essential veterinary care to 179 animals during the free, five-day clinic! But this project wasn’t just about treating animals; the team also took the time to educate kids from 6th to 12th grade on the importance of safe handling of animals, spaying and neutering, and responsible pet ownership. We were also able to share with them everything our military support programs have to offer and how it could help them and their beloved pets. 

We are so thankful to everyone involved in this project and are thrilled to be able to support the health and safety of this tight-knit military community.

To learn more about the importance of spaying/neutering your pet and our campaigns worldwide, visit www.spcai.org/take-action/spay-neuter.

Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide

Thank you to everyone who recently donated for the care of pups waiting overseas to be reunited with the soldiers who love them. Though they haven’t made it to their soldier’s homes yet, we are happy to share this sweet interview with a soldier who has been reunited with his pup.

Zoey’s New Lease on Life

Zoey was in terrible pain and grave danger from infection, with a wound covering much of her back. Her rescuers aren’t exactly sure what happened, but the wound makes them believe some cruel person tried to skin her alive.

Thankfully, they had access to veterinary supplies through SPCA International’s Veterinary Supply Aid program and were able to ease Zoey’s pain while staving off infection. Zoey’s story could have had a much different ending without those life-saving supplies.

Today, Zoey has fully healed, both in body and soul. She happily lives with her new family in Germany, where she is loved and nurtured.

SPCA International’s Veterinary Supply Aid program helps thousands of animals like Zoey each year by ensuring shelters and rescue groups have the supplies they need to treat the wounded and sick they rescue. The program is critical for groups that struggle to source and afford adequate supplies.

Thank you for supporting Zoey’s recovery and the care of so many other animals in need.

Your Generosity in 2021

This year, many animals around the globe remained at-risk as the pandemic continued to threaten economies and livelihoods. The poorest countries have been hardest hit and it is no coincidence they are also some of the countries with the worst conditions for animals. 

Thanks to you, SPCA International was able to rush aid where it was needed most. These are just a few of the things we accomplished together in 2021.

A sudden and unexpected change in CDC guidelines has made it nearly impossible to bring dogs from over 100 countries into the U.S. Thanks to the dedication of our donors, the SPCA International team and many partners around the globe, we were able to quickly bring 17 dogs to the U.S. ahead of the rule change. We continue to support the revision of this policy and help individuals apply for exemptions for their pets whenever possible. We are also exploring alternate but longer paths for animals to come into the U.S., such as six-month waiting periods in approved countries.

With your support, over $140k was dedicated to promoting spay and neuter through targeted education and free or low-cost spay and neuter clinics. Spay and neuter continues to be the best way to keep animal populations under control which means they are cared for by people and stay healthy. Keeping animals healthy keeps communities healthy.

Through our innovative Veterinary Supply Aid program, hundreds of units of medicine and medical supplies were sent around the globe to treat hurt and suffering animals. Generous North American businesses donate the supplies free of charge and generous donations provide for the cost of shipping supplies where they are needed most.

$270k was raised to rescue animals from Afghanistan. We are thrilled to announce that your support will bring hundreds of dogs and cats from Afghanistan to North America. If all goes as planned, they’ll arrive within the month.

Thank you for making this important work possible. YOUR support saved lives and eased suffering in 2021. We look forward to all we will accomplish together in 2022. 

Look at Her Now!

Remember Elena? Last December this sweet momma dog was found starving and badly burned by the fire that killed her pups. Today, thanks to immense support from the SPCA International community, Elena has been restored in body and soul. Her hair has grown back, but perhaps the most impactful thing is the look of life in her eyes. Gone is the scared, heartbroken and hurting girl whose pups were burned to death. Now, Elena has been happily welcomed into a forever family in the U.S.

Elena’s road to recovery wasn’t easy. The shelter that saved her in Azerbaijan spent months treating her injuries and helping her body recover. Then she went to a rescue group and foster home in Chicago. At first, she was afraid of everything, mirrors, the TV and radio, any loud sound. Her foster family worked diligently to show her love and teach her to trust. 

Now, Elena is safe with a loving forever family where she’ll be cared for and protected for the rest of her life. Thank you to everyone who supported Elena’s journey to health and healing.

A Happy Reunion for Lebbie and Sergeant Ryan

Sergeant Ryan adopted Lebbie when she was just eight weeks old. Their bond was immediate, and Lebbie spent the remaining months of the Sergeant’s deployment under his feet and by his side. So, when it was time for Sergeant Ryan’s time in Lebanon to end, he was heartbroken to find out that new CDC restrictions put Lebbie at risk of being left behind.

Undeterred, he worked through all the paperwork and was granted a 30-day window to bring Lebbie into the U.S. SPCA International worked with Ryan to make sure everything was in order for Lebbie’s travel. With the tight travel window, we had to get it right. 

With the support of many generous individuals, Lebbie was given the best care possible while all of her veterinary clearances and paperwork were compiled. Finally, with lots of careful planning, Lebbie recently reunited with Sergeant Ryan. We hope you enjoy this heartwarming video of their reunion.  Thank you to everyone who made this moment possible. 

Rescue Flight Success

SPCA International proudly sponsored a November Pet Rescue Pilots flight to relocate 22 dogs from California to Victoria, BC. This innovative organization moves animals from areas with many shelter dogs to areas where there are many families waiting to adopt. It might sound simple, but the logistics of moving 22 dogs over international borders are complicated! A truly beautiful partnership, three incredible organizations worked together to make this mission a success.

Marley’s Mutts saved each of these animals from euthanasia in California and worked tirelessly to teach them trust and manners. Pet Rescue Pilots coordinated and carried out the flight from California to British Columbia. Then, Raincoast Dog Rescue expertly received the 22 pups and placed them into waiting foster homes where the dogs will spend a short time before being welcomed into loving forever homes. We are thrilled to know that these 22 dogs will be loved and cared for by their new families.