Veterinary Supplies Save Lives in Romania

SPCA International is proud to provide veterinary supplies to partner organizations around the world. Dog Rescue Romania is one of these partners. They recently received a shipment from our Veterinary Supply Aid program and shared their thoughts and some pictures with us. 

Here’s what they had to say, “Our friends from America are always thinking about us. SPCA International sent us donations that are essential for our shelter. They sent us medical products that help us to save lives. Thank you, beautiful people! We send you lots of hugs!”

Every single SPCA International supporter should receive one of those hugs because this program would be impossible without our network of donors, supporters and sharers.

The shipment included thousands of dollars’ worth of medications and supplies. These supplies will help treat many sick and hurting animals.

Dog Rescue Romania is a small but mighty shelter that rescues some of Bucharest Romania’s most needy dogs and cats. They provide life-saving medical care to suffering animals. They also work to find loving forever homes for the animals they save.

Most Romanians take home less than $700 per month, so it is hard for them to afford veterinary medicine and supplies. That’s why donated veterinary supplies help animals receive the care they need before going home to adoptive families.

Our Veterinary Supply Aid program collects new veterinary supplies in North America and ships them overseas to developing countries like Romania. The cost of delivering these donated supplies is only a fraction of the actual value of each shipment. That means every donation to this program is multiplied! Shipping and customs clearance can get tricky, but shipping these supplies is worth it to save lives.

Noobu is on the Mend

Thanks to the many people who stood up to support Noobu, she is healing.

Sweet Noobu was found on the streets of Borneo with a fresh and gruesome wound. Someone had hacked her nose off. We think she might have been protecting her puppies because two of them were with her.

This terrible act angered locals. Several people offered rewards for information, but no one came forward.

Thankfully, our partner organization in Borneo was able to give Noobu the specialized medical care she needed to live. Noobu also had surgery to keep her nostrils open so she can smell.

All of this specialized care was expensive. That is why every SPCA International supporter is so important. Every single person who donated for Noobu’s care contributed to keeping her alive.

Today, Noobu’s pups have been adopted into loving homes where they will be safe. Noobu is now eating and drinking well. Amazingly, she is happy, kind and loving.

Unfortunately, Noobu’s life will never be the same. Her appearance might scare people, and her health will need to be constantly monitored.

Here at SPCA International, we are looking forward to the day when Noobu finds a loving forever family of her own. When she does, we’ll let you know.

Noobu continues to receive veterinary treatment from SPCA International’s partner, IAPWA, as part of her journey to full recovery. Her puppies are all placed in loving homes and she is currently doing really well. Your support for her has made a big difference!

Holiday Spirit #GivingTuesday

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. Its purpose is to celebrate and encourage giving. It is a new holiday tradition and a movement defined by a crusade of philanthropists all giving to charity on the same day.

This year, you don’t have to start the holiday season by spending hours in line and being elbowed by your neighbors for the best deal. Instead, start your holiday season off with an act of generosity.

Join us to celebrate #GivingTuesday on December 3, 2019 by planning to include SPCA International in the gifts you make on that day. (We recommend you mark your calendar with a reminder to donate on We hope you will plan to make donations to many of your favorite charities. By starting your holiday season with acts of generosity, you might just find this is the best holiday season yet.

SPCA International Awards $100,000 Grant to Lebanon Animal Shelter

Funds will help build the most innovative shelter facility in the country.

SPCA International has awarded the largest grant in our history to a Lebanon shelter called Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (BETA). BETA will use the funds to construct a new state of the art shelter in Beirut, Lebanon.

Since 2004, BETA has been working to create a cruelty-free city through education and activism. BETA rescues dogs, cats and wildlife from life-threatening danger. Once in their care, they work tirelessly to place animals in loving homes locally and around the world. The organization also conducts trap, neuter and release programs to reduce the overpopulation of stray dogs and cats in Beirut.

SPCA International has been partnering with BETA since 2016 in support of the over 800 homeless dogs and cats that BETA cares for.

In September 2018, BETA received an eviction notice from their current shelter site; putting all the animals in their care at risk once again. In early 2019, BETA received permitting approval for a new shelter location but the land is entirely undeveloped. BETA has until December 2019 to build a new facility and move their animal population.

The new shelter has been designed in accordance with international standards. Modeled after a world-renowned American shelter, the new facility is designed to increase adoption rates, run sustainably and be an example for others in the region to follow.

“We are proud to give BETA $100,000 for their innovative new shelter. Their task ahead is difficult and their timeline is tight. We hope this grant will help propel them toward the finish line and inspire others to give generously,” explains Meredith Ayan, Executive Director, SPCA International.

The funding is distributed through SPCAI’s Shelter Support Fund which supports and partners with underfunded animal welfare organizations in the U.S. and worldwide to increase their impact. Since 2007, SPCAI has assisted animal shelters and rescue groups in every U.S. state and over 60 countries around the world.

Viral Video: Cat Plays I-Spy

All of us know pets that communicate as well as humans. Watch this furry feline’s attitude come to life with his owner’s rendition of I-Spy. See if you can find the “something blue” he is looking for. What could it be?

Serving Our Military Families

SPCA International provides Operation Military Pets grants to help military families transport pets to new duty stations.

Victoria is a U.S. Army soldier, a single mother of two, and an animal lover. Her orders recently took her from North Carolina to South Korea!

The Army paid for most of Victoria’s moving expenses, but none of the thousands of dollars it cost to move her pets. She reached out to SPCA International for help transporting her five-year-old German Shepherd mix, A.J. and SPCA International was able to provide her with a grant to help cover the unexpectedly high transportation costs.

Victoria and her children simply couldn’t imagine leaving A.J. behind. They have been through a lot together. A.J. came down with Parvo when she was a puppy and Victoria nursed her through it. The entire family takes walks together, and A.J. is part of a pet family that includes another dog, a cat, and two bearded dragons!

Now, settled in South Korea but still adjusting to their new life, the entire family looks forward to coming home to see A.J. and their other pets at the end of the day. Victoria shares that her pets are part of their family, and they help teach her children responsibility, love and care. They couldn’t imagine living in a new place without their pets.

Victoria is so grateful for the support provided by SPCA International and is happy that her entire family was able to stay together and make it to South Korea.

Shelter Spotlight: AMA in Guatemala

SPCA International is excited to announce a new partner in Guatemala. AMA (Asociación de Amigos de los Animales) helps local individuals foster animals and educates people throughout the city.

AMA’s founder shared that her original hope was to establish an animal shelter, but she didn’t have the funding. Today, she realizes this was a blessing in disguise. AMA is able to leverage the goodwill of city citizens to care for stray animals. Their reach is much wider than it would have been with a traditional shelter.

Now, residents know they can call AMA if they find a stray animal in need of care. AMA supports individual rescuers by helping with the costs of veterinary care and food, and finding a foster home if needed.

This support is critical because nearly 60% of Guatemalans live in poverty. Without AMA’s help many would be unable to care for an animal. AMA works to find permanent homes for the animals while they are in foster care.

AMA also works throughout Guatemala City to educate the public about animal care and welfare. For the last 25 years, AMA has been working to educate Guatemala City’s youngest residents by presenting at local elementary schools. They are even developing a custom coloring book that includes animal care tips and use an opossum named Johnny to help deliver their message.

Johnny-the-opossum was found injured about three years ago as a tiny baby. AMA saved his life by giving him round the clock care including bottle feeding. Unfortunately, Johnny can’t be released back into the wild, but he makes a wonderful spokes-opossum for animal care and welfare.

Video: Rescuing Ofelia

While visiting our partners AMA in Guatemala a dog was in urgent need of rescue. Watch Ofelia’s amazing transformation from a scared stray to a happy pup. You won’t want to miss this!

Video: Pup and Marine Reunite

This video will warm your heart! U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Morgan didn’t hesitate when Dani needed someone to care for her. They have come a long way from Eastern Europe, but they are together again in Pennsylvania. We wonder, will Dani’s tail will ever stop wagging?

Beat the Heat – Keep Pets Safe this Summer

Most of us enjoy summer hikes, swims, and other outings with our pets… follow these tips to keep them safe from the heat. 

  • Never leave your pet in a car! — A parked car quickly heats up and can reach temperatures 20 to 30 degrees higher than outside. Exposure to this high heat and low airflow can quickly result in the death of a pet. Please leave your pet at home or run that errand later.  
  • Always provide water – In the summer, your pet will naturally drink more water than usual. Make sure they always have plenty of clean water available, especially when you are out of the house. There are some great collapsible bowls for when you and your pet are on the go.  Hiking anyone?
  • Pets need shade – not a doghouse! If pets must be left outside during the day, hanging a tarp is a quick solution for a yard without tree cover. Unfortunately, a dog house can trap heat and become even hotter than outside.  
  • Avoid Asphalt – Hot asphalt can burn our pet’s feet – Consider walking your pet in the morning or evening to avoid the midday sunbaked asphalt.  
  • Trim haircut – Some dogs can benefit from a summer haircut, but they should never be shaved! Check with your vet to learn if you should trim your pet’s coat or not. Some long hair acts as a natural cooling system and daily brushing is the best advice.

If you detect any signs of heat stroke or heat exhaustion, such as excessive drooling/panting, red or blue gums/tongue, vomiting, lethargy, loss of consciousness, collapse and/or uncoordinated movements. If suspect your pet is at risk, contact your veterinarian immediately for medical care that may save your pet’s life.