CARA Welfare Philippines

Country: Philippines

Years of Partnership: 6

Making spay and neuter available to all

Like too many countries around the world, street animal populations in the Philippines multiply unchecked resulting in endless suffering for unwanted litters of puppies and kittens. The animal mothers often have little or no food to help them produce the milk they need to help their babies grow and the overpopulation problem causes human residents anger or frustration, which is often taken out on the innocent animals instead of directed in a meaningful way.

CARA Welfare Philippines is dedicated to making spay and neuter available to all pet parents as well as promoting the trap, neuter and return (TNR) population control strategy. In countries where animal sterilization is not common, it can take years of repeated education to change the negative stigma about spay and neuter. SPCAI’s support helps CARA provide low cost spay and neuter and serve the animal population in their care. 

(clockwise from top left): Kitten suffering from eye infection considers the camera, SPCAI staff holds a kitten during her visit to CARA in 2014, dogs suffering from mange undergo treatment and bark at passing shelter visitors.