The Vicious Cycle

Sweet puppies are being bred for fighting or bait. Their lives will be full of cruelty and abuse. Dogs who die in the ring must be replaced. Aggressive female dogs are highly valuable in this underground “sport” because they can produce litters of pups – to be brought up starving and beaten daily so that they become angry and aggressive killers.

Puppies like these will live in misery and loneliness without any love until they are ultimately mauled to death. Females aren’t allowed to breed naturally. Instead, they are muzzled and restrained in a “rape stand”.

There is no shortage of these awful contraptions for sale and instructions on how to make them at home. Unfortunately, this shows just how common the appalling practice is. A female dog in heat is collared at the neck and waist on a platform. She is unable to reject the advances of a male, which means she can be raped repeatedly over a period of days to ensure she becomes pregnant.

Once a female delivers her litter, the pups are usually taken away much too soon. The owners want to ensure she will enter into heat again as soon as possible. She will be bred over and over until her body gives out. She will either die giving birth or be turned out on the street when she stops producing litters.

Our partners around the world depend on us for funding the work of rescuing dogs from underground dogfighting operations and work with authorities to shut them down. With the support of SPCA International, our partners around the world are rescuing dogs just like these.