Spay Panama

Country: Panama

Years of Partnership: 9

Record breaking sterilization success with low-cost spay and neuter

SPCA International and Spay Panama continue their multi-year partnership and celebrated Spay Panama’s amazing milestone when they reached 100,000 spay and neuters in October. In November, SPCAI and Spay Panama teamed up to break another record – 1,637 sterilizations in one week-long event. The Spay Panama team has a passion for life-changing sterilization surgeries and their stalwart dedication to their mission is setting a high standard for countries struggling with animal overpopulation across the globe.

(clockwise from top): A young Panamanian girl holds the kitten she brought for sterilization surgery. Without Spay Panama’s services, her family could not afford this critical preventative measure, Spay Panama’s 100,000th sterilization- Kitten was named Luz Esperanza meaning “light of hope”, cats recovering from sterilization surgery.