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Rescue Flight Success

SPCA International proudly sponsored a November Pet Rescue Pilots flight to relocate 22 dogs from California to Victoria, BC. This innovative organization moves animals from areas with many shelter dogs to areas where there are many families waiting to adopt. It might sound simple, but the logistics of moving 22 dogs over international borders are complicated! A truly beautiful partnership, three incredible organizations worked together to make this mission a success.

Marley’s Mutts saved each of these animals from euthanasia in California and worked tirelessly to teach them trust and manners. Pet Rescue Pilots coordinated and carried out the flight from California to British Columbia. Then, Raincoast Dog Rescue expertly received the 22 pups and placed them into waiting foster homes where the dogs will spend a short time before being welcomed into loving forever homes. We are thrilled to know that these 22 dogs will be loved and cared for by their new families.