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Sam’s Cause

Underground dogfighting is the forced act of placing two aggressively charged dogs into a ring for the sole purposes of human entertainment. The dogs forced to participate are tortured, killed or left for dead by each other or their owners.  Training practices are extremely barbaric, and sometimes include using bait dogs to train fighting dogs to be more aggressive and vicious. 

SPCAI staff met Sam after he was rescued from a dogfighting ring. Sam was repeatedly used as a bait dog because of his gentle disposition. He was held in captivity, tied down and attacked, over and over again. When he was finally left for dead and miraculously saved by a passerby, his snout had been eaten away, his front leg was severed and many other body parts were severely wounded, but nothing compared to the look of despair in his eyes. Sam survived, but many others die in vain every day in the United States and around the world.

SPCAI supporters rallied to Sam’s aid and helped him heal with generous donations and an outpouring of love and support. In honor of Sam, and all the SPCAI supporters who contributed to his cause, we launched Sam’s Cause, an arm of the Shelter Support Fund dedicated to the plight of all dogs who suffer in the name of dogfighting. Through financial grants, Sam’s Cause helps rescue, provide veterinary care, sanctuary and rehabilitation to surviving dogfighting victims.

Sam’s Cause Beneficiaries