Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre

Country: Nepal

Years of Partnership: 5

Developing a new partnership in Nepal

The Kathmandu Animal Treatment (KAT) Centre works tirelessly to help animals in need and has set an impressive goal of totally eliminating cruelty to animals in their city. Before KAT’s existence, the Kathmandu Municipality was known for poisoning more than 10,000 dogs a year as a method of population control and their toxic, decomposing bodies were often dumped in the rivers that are the city’s main water supply

KAT Centre partnered with authorities to provide a humane and effective alternative: a persistent, proactive animal sterilization program. Since it’s founding KAT has sterilized more than 19,000 street dogs, vaccinated over 27,000 dogs against rabies and treated 8,500 sick stray dogs and cats in Kathmandu. In 2015, SPCA International sent KAT Centre a test shipment of veterinary supply aid and financial aid to launch what we hope is the beginning of a long partnership in support of their incredible work.

(clockwise from top): KAT Centre workers operate on a dog in their care, animal activist holding a recent rescue stands beside KAT Centre medical transport vehicle, dog with a severe case of mange receives help.