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Global Animal Legacy Society

At the heart of our mission to create a world where all animals are valued and protected, planned giving plays a pivotal role in securing the future of animal welfare. 

Planned giving offers an extraordinary opportunity for animal lovers to leave a legacy that extends far beyond their lifetime. By including our organization in their estate plans, wills, or trusts, compassionate supporters become part of a special group known as the “Global Animal Legacy Society.” This circle ensures that their love and dedication to animals continue to thrive, even as they pass the torch to future generations of advocates.

Together, we can ensure that animal welfare remains at the forefront of our society’s consciousness, securing a brighter future for animals in need and fostering a legacy of kindness that will resonate through the ages.

Meet Heroes Committed to Saving the Next Generation of Animals in Need

Taimi Rovetti
Taimi Rovetti's legacy lives on through her generosity.

Taimi's good friend, Karen Roorda, shares, "Taimi was patient and generous with a deep concern for the well-being of animals. She had a huge heart."

After high school, she had dreams of becoming a veterinarian, but the financial reality of higher education led her instead to begin working. Her love for animals continued, though, and she was always in the company of a dog or cat, including her beloved cat, Smokey.

SPCA International is grateful to be prominently included in Taimi's thoughtful legacy. With her gift, her values will live on through our work, advancing the safety and well-being of animals worldwide for years to come.​
Errol Dorschel
Erroll's lifelong devotion to those he loved, especially animals, was evident to all who knew him. He treated SPCAI as a family member, equal to his human friends. His love for animals ran deep, especially for the ones abused and who experienced suffering.

Erroll was a brilliant artist, a wonderful teacher and a gentle soul. He loved opera, his beautiful garden and his animals, especially his dog Maybelline.

Erroll thoroughly planned estate, leaving bequests to those he loved most, including SPCA International. His friends have taken great comfort in knowing his memory will live on with his generous legacy of caring for animals in need.
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