Pet Visits

SPCA International’s PAWsitive Recovery program facilitates “in treatment” pet visits to uplift and motivate patients, fostering a positive atmosphere within treatment facilities through the sense of purpose and responsibility instilled by animal interactions. Dogs particularly evoke joyful memories and provide unconditional love, significantly reducing stress, anxiety, and loneliness. Recognizing pets as integral family members, PAWsitive Recovery underscores the importance of the human-animal bond in the healing process, providing patients with hope, encouragement, and a meaningful aspect to anticipate during treatment, reinforcing the therapeutic benefits of animal companionship for growth and recovery.

Treatment Workshops

Just Dogs

(Individual or Group)

We provide the dogs (or Kitties), and your therapists decide how you want to spend your time with them.

Guided Treatment

(Individual or Group)

One of our Staff Members will bring dogs for a guided therapy workshop.

Therapy Session

(Individual or Group)

One of our licensed clinicians will conduct this session with staff and patients.