SPCA International delivers important, actionable information to pet parents, animal activists and concerned citizens to help improve the lives of animals around the world. Serving as a hub for information and activism, SPCA International educates humane advocates about a variety of animal welfare issues and promotes the improved treatment of animals through government policy around the globe.

By elevating animal abuse issues internationally, more pressure is put on local governments to strengthen and enforce animal protection laws.

A healthy animal population helps combat animal abuse and neglect, increases adoption rates and protects the human population at the same time.

Advocating for increased spay and neuter rates

Spay and neuter remains the most humane and effective method of animal population control, but many local governments around the world continue to employ inhumane, ineffective and cruel methods of population control like poisoning and mass culling. SPCA International and its partners educate hundreds of thousands of people annually about the importance of spay and neuter through educational material, school programs, low-cost clinics and more.

Educating communities about donkey care and the skin trade

Throughout Africa, the price of donkeys continues to rise because of an increased demand for donkey hides used in Asian medicines and cosmetics. This has been financially devastating for poor communities and families.

SPCA International is proud to partner with TAWESO (Tanzania Animal Welfare Society), which is working hard to educate community members about how to care for and protect their donkeys and is coordinating with other groups throughout Africa to end the donkey skin trade.

Thanks to TAWESO’s efforts many farmers now understand the long-term benefits of keeping and properly caring for their donkeys rather than selling them for an immediate profit.

Advocating for Spanish Greyhounds

In Spain, there is a widespread tradition that involves the torture and killing of approximately 60,000 Spanish Greyhounds every year. Greyhounds are repeatedly abused and starved by hunters during the hunting season and then left to die a slow gruesome death when they are no longer deemed useful. It is believed the longer dogs suffer, the more prosperous the following hunting season will be. These dogs are hanged, beaten, thrown in pits or even buried alive.

Since 2012, SPCAI has worked closely with SOS Galgos to eradicate this barbaric, age-old tradition of hare hunting with Spanish Greyhounds and the torture associated with it. Spain is the only country in the EU that has not outlawed this inhumane practice. Through petitions, peaceful protests, government appeals and humane education, SPCAI and SOS Galgos continue to move closer to eliminating this needless and brutal practice.