Foster Program

PAWsitive Recovery offers temporary housing and pet supplies for pets while their owners undergo treatment or transition into sober living. This initiative addresses the significant challenge individuals face in seeking recovery without having someone to care for their animals. Additionally, PAWsitive Recovery extends support to women leaving abusive situations, recognizing the critical role pets play in their decision-making process and the risks they face in such environments. By keeping animals with their owners during and after treatment, PAWsitive Recovery alleviates the burden on shelters and facilitates smoother transitions into recovery.

In many cases, individuals hesitate to seek long-term treatment or sober living due to concerns about their pets’ welfare. PAWsitive Recovery acknowledges the bond between pets and their owners and aims to prevent the distressing prospect of losing a beloved pet during the recovery journey. By offering assistance to both individuals struggling with substance abuse and women escaping domestic violence, PAWsitive Recovery ensures that pets receive care and support, reducing barriers to treatment and promoting the reunification of owners and their pets in aftercare.