For Horses: Grab-and-Go Disaster Kit

Now is the time to assemble a Grab-and-Go Kit for your horse. Trying to gather all these items when you have little time to evacuate during a disaster can endanger your life and the life of your horse. 

1. Always transport your horse in a secure horse trailer or walk to a safe location using a lead rope and halter during a disaster evacuation. (In a fire, be sure to use a leather lead rope and halter because nylon melts.)

2. Use a permanent marker and put your name and phone number on either the horse’s hoof or in their ear before leaving home, in case you end up getting separated from your horse.

3. Essential supplies to include in your Grab-and-Go Disaster Kit:

  • Something to use to create a blindfold for each horse (may be needed to get horse to move in scary situations) Food for at least 72 hours (Do not give horses any food that has gotten wet in a flood.
  • Fresh drinking water for at least 72 hours.  If you cannot transport the quantity of water you will need, determine a source away from your home where you can get the water. Food/water buckets Garbage bags for waste disposal
  • Pitch fork to pick up manure
  • Several current pictures of each horse showing distinguishing marks and include yourself in some of the photos to prove ownership
  • Copy of veterinary records
  • Bill of Sale for each horse
  • First aid kit and booklet – pre-packaged kits can be bought at feed stores
  • Any medication the horse is on
  • In cold weather, a horse blanket
  • In warm weather, a fly mask or spray
  • Strong rope, in case you have to tie out a horse