Ban Galgo Hunting in Spain!

In Spain there is a widespread hunting tradition that involves torturing and killing approximately 60,000 Greyhounds (Galgos) a year. 

Greyhounds are repeatedly abused and starved by hunters during the hunting season and then left to die a slow gruesome death when they are deemed no longer useful. It is believed that the longer the dogs suffer, the more prosperous the following hunting season will be.

The dogs are often slowly killed by hanging them by their necks so that their hind legs barely touch the ground, swaying back and forth for days until they starve and die of exhaustion, or they are beaten with rocks and thrown into pits and wells without food or water, and sometimes even buried alive. 


Since 2012, SPCA International has been working with organizations in Spain to eradicate this shocking, age-old tradition of hunting hares with Spanish Greyhounds and the abuse and torture associated with it.


Speak out against this torture!


Help us ban Greyhound (Galgo) hunting in Spain by signing and sharing this petition. Join us to stop the abuse and needless death of thousands of these gentle dogs by lending your voice right now.