Solo Workshops: $250

Sit, Stay, Heal

We incorporate basic dog training methods and relate them to recovery. In this workshop, we train the dogs’ basic commands while also coaching people on the simplicity of sitting still, staying positive, and healing themselves.

Mindful Dog Movement and Exercise

We get out with the dogs and get moving. Basic movement techniques, cardio, walking, and running, are incorporated into the class.

It’s a great energy outlet for both people and pups!

Downward Dog Yoga

This yoga session is unique and fun. We teach yoga and basic breathing techniques with the company of the animals, so everyone gets time to chill out and relax.

Zen Kitten Meditation

Meditation is a great mindfulness tool often used in recovery. But it’s better with kittens.

The Artful Dog

Art and creativity are essential in recovery. These activities help people express themselves creatively. And our models are dogs!

Tail Tails

In this class, the instructors share their stories of recovery and how animals helped heal and led them from struggles to strengths.

Eight Week Series: $1800

Week One: Sit, Stay, Heal

Week Two: Zen Kitten Meditation

Week Three: Mindful Dog Movement and Exercise

Week Four: Downward Dog Yoga

Week Five: Tall Tails – Our story

Week Six: The Artful Dog

Week Seven: Mindful Dog Movement and Exercise

Week Eight: End of series celebration

(We also offer this series once per month if your facility would like to hold classes on an ongoing basis)

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