A Happy Reunion for Lebbie and Sergeant Ryan

Sergeant Ryan adopted Lebbie when she was just eight weeks old. Their bond was immediate, and Lebbie spent the remaining months of the Sergeant’s deployment under his feet and by his side. So, when it was time for Sergeant Ryan’s time in Lebanon to end, he was heartbroken to find out that new CDC restrictions put Lebbie at risk of being left behind.

Undeterred, he worked through all the paperwork and was granted a 30-day window to bring Lebbie into the U.S. SPCA International worked with Ryan to make sure everything was in order for Lebbie’s travel. With the tight travel window, we had to get it right. 

With the support of many generous individuals, Lebbie was given the best care possible while all of her veterinary clearances and paperwork were compiled. Finally, with lots of careful planning, Lebbie recently reunited with Sergeant Ryan. We hope you enjoy this heartwarming video of their reunion.  Thank you to everyone who made this moment possible.