• Guantanamo has feral cat problem – and a mission to fix it

    December 18, 2019
    Posted by SDD Contributor on December 18, 2019 at 12:13 am GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba – This base best known for its prison has cats. Lots of cats. Kitty cats. Dumpster cats. House cats. Abandoned cats. Foster cats. Stray cats. Tabby cats. Cuban cats. And, by the estimate of activists who want to do something about it, it ...
  • Two Cats Rescued from Iraq Reunite with Their U.S. Soldier in Seattle, WA

    November 22, 2019
    A local soldier forms a bond with two cats while serving in Iraq. Knowing in her head she would eventually have to head home, she says she just couldn’t leave these two adorable brothers behind.
  • SPCAI Gives $25,000 to Mission K9

    November 5, 2019
    Houston Non-Profit will purchase RV To Support Retired Hero Dogs New York, NY (November 5, 2019) – SPCA International (SPCAI), gave a donation of $25,000 to Mission K9 in Houston, Texas this week to assist with the purchase of an RV that will help carry out their work with “Hero Dogs,” retired working dogs from military or ...
  • How the Dogs of Chernobyl Found a Happy Ending

    October 31, 2019
    By Samantha Berkhead For The Moscow Times October 31, 2019 A dog sits near the Chernobyl town sign as groups of tourists arrive in waves. Sam Berkhead / MT CHERNOBYL, Ukraine — On a gray, overcast fall morning, a hound mix with copper-and-white fur sidles up to a group of foreign tourists taking photographs in front ...
  • SPCA International Awards $100,000 Grant to Beirut Animal Shelter

    September 3, 2019
    Funds will help build the most innovative shelter facility in Lebanon New York, NY (September 3, 2019) – This week, SPCA International (SPCAI) will award its largest grant in the organization’s history to Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (BETA) in support of BETA’s capital campaign to build a pioneering shelter in Lebanon’s biggest city. Since 2004, BETA has ...
  • SPCA International Awards 48 Animal Rescue Groups Worldwide Grants Totaling $250,000+ So Far in 2019

    August 28, 2019
    Grants will fund like-minded programs and organizations New York, NY (August 28, 2019) – SPCA International (SPCAI) is pleased to announce the recipients of grant funding awarded by the organization in the past few months that will provide support to important programs and improve the safety and well-being of animals around the globe. The funding is distributed through SPCAI’s Shelter Support ...
  • SPCA International Awards Grant to Lawrence County Humane Society

    August 7, 2019
    Will fund a spay and neuter program for low income pet owners New York, NY (August 7, 2019) – SPCA International (SPCAI) announced today a grant to the Lawrence County Humane Society (LCHS) in Kentucky for their Low Income Spay/Neuter Assistance Program and Trap, Neuter, Return program.   The funding is distributed through SPCAI’s Shelter Support Fund which ...
  • Chernobyl: Rescuing the abandoned dogs in the exclusion zone

    July 8, 2019
    08 Jul 2019 BBC News After the nuclear disaster in 1986 evacuated families had to abandon their pet dogs. The offspring of this community still live in the nuclear exclusion zone and are now receiving veterinary help.
  • Dogs of Chernobyl: 33 years after nuclear disaster, puppies in exclusion zone still exhibit unusually high radiation

    June 25, 2019
    By Akshay Pai  for MEA WorldWideUpdated On : 08:25 PST, Jun 25, 2019 Almost 33 years have passed since the explosion at reactor no. 4 of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the early hours of April 26, 1986, saw an unimaginable amount of radioactive material being spewed into the air and the regions surrounding the plant. When it became ...

    May 17, 2019
    MEDIA RELEASE: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – MAY 8TH 2019 SPCA INTERNATIONAL AND CLEAN FUTURES FUND RETURN TO DOGS OF CHERNOBYL FOR THIRD CONSECUTIVE YEAR BATH, MI – This week the Clean Futures Fund (CFF), a U.S. non-profit organization, and SPCA International (SPCAI) are pleased to announce that they will be returning to Chernobyl in June ...