Unidad de Protección Animal

Country: Dominican Republic

Years of Partnership: 6

Caring for the terribly injured and abandoned

This incredible partner in the Dominican Republic, which shares a similar name with SPCAI, Sociedad Protectora de Animales Internacional, is responsible for rescuing and treating hundreds of animals from the streets in conditions of neglect, sickness or severe injury. The animal over population in the Dominican Republic results in many dogs and cats being hit by cars or brutally abused. The images this organization shares with SPCAI can be terribly heartbreaking and show suffering beyond measure.

This amazing group cares for dogs, cats and more than 45 horses. They run sterilization clinics, treat the sick and injured, feed the needy and work to educate the public about humane animal treatment. They report that the veterinary supply aid they receive from SPCAI helps them improve the quality of veterinary care they can provide, increases access to care in their area and increases the likelihood that people in their community will seek veterinary care for animals in need.

(clockwise from top): SPCA International veterinary aid supplies arrive at Sociedad Protectora de Animales Internacional in Dominican Republic, a resident dog gets hugged by a local activist, shelter grounds with rescued horses and dogs.