Dog Rescue Romania

Country: Romania

Years of Partnership: 6

Romania: Hell on earth for dogs and cats

A majority of Romanian citizens fear the ever increasing population of homeless street animals and blame them for the spread of human illness and fabled dogs attacks. Spurred by this fear and the government’s poor management, Romanian citizens have responded by brutalizing and killing homeless dogs by the hundreds. The Romanian government has responded to the overpopulation by ordering inhumane mass killings and creating pounds that are literal death traps. 

In the face of all of this brutality and death, one amazing organization-Dog Rescue Romania-is standing up for the animals day in and day out. With the help of SPCAI veterinary supplies and financial support, Dog Rescue Romania, is hard at work saving lives, treating the sick, feeding the hungry, running sterilization clinics and working with local governments to improve the operation of local pounds. Their team’s dedication, ingenuity and deep compassion is a strong beacon of hope in a terrible place and time.

(clockwise from top): SPCAI staff holds dog fighting victim’s head as he rests, Dog Rescue Romania staff pulls supplies donated by SPCAI from shelves, dog receives treatment for skin infections.