Look at Her Now!

Remember Elena? Last December this sweet momma dog was found starving and badly burned by the fire that killed her pups. Today, thanks to immense support from the SPCA International community, Elena has been restored in body and soul. Her hair has grown back, but perhaps the most impactful thing is the look of life in her eyes. Gone is the scared, heartbroken and hurting girl whose pups were burned to death. Now, Elena has been happily welcomed into a forever family in the U.S.

Elena’s road to recovery wasn’t easy. The shelter that saved her in Azerbaijan spent months treating her injuries and helping her body recover. Then she went to a rescue group and foster home in Chicago. At first, she was afraid of everything, mirrors, the TV and radio, any loud sound. Her foster family worked diligently to show her love and teach her to trust. 

Now, Elena is safe with a loving forever family where she’ll be cared for and protected for the rest of her life. Thank you to everyone who supported Elena’s journey to health and healing.