Help Stop the Dog Meat Trade

Combating the dog meat trade is complicated, but there are plenty of ways you can get involved

If you live in a country where dog meat is consumed:

There are many things you can do to help change the situation. First, don’t eat dog meat and don’t eat at restaurants that have it on the menu. Second, visit or send a letter to restaurants that serve dog meat – ask them to remove the item so you and many others will feel comfortable eating there. Third, get involved with policy – contact lawmakers, sign petitions, share your views in public or on social media, if enough people express their views against dog meat consumption, things will eventually change.

If you live in a country where dog meat is not typically consumed:

You can still get involved in changing this practice. First, you can share information with friends and family, so they understand the situation. Second, you can sign a petition-SPCAI is collecting signatures, and a quick search will turn up other petitions as well. Third, you can provide financial support for the people and organizations on the front lines. Financial support for organizations in countries where dog meat is consumed gives activists the ability to engage authorities when they recognize illegal activities (lack of proper permits, stealing pets, or transporting animals between countries). It also gives them the funding they need to provide food and shelter for the animals they save.

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