Ask Emma


    September 16, 2020
    Emergencies occur when we least expect them, Emma is here to help you and your companions prepare in the event of a natural disaster.

    When disaster strikes SPCA International mobilizes funding to support grassroots organizations doing everything they can to save animals during a crisis. We provide immediate assistance to dedicated partners who risk everything for …

  • Beat the Heat – Keep Pets Safe this Summer

    June 15, 2020
    Summer is a magical time for people and pets! Whether you’re swimming, hiking, or just enjoying the sunshine, there are a few things to keep in mind for pets’ safety.
  • Pets and COVID-19: Your Questions Answered

    May 14, 2020
    We’ve rounded up the latest guidelines to keep you and your pets safe during the COVID-19 crisis
  • COVID-19 Safety

    March 20, 2020
    Emma talks all things COVID-19. Whether you’re wondering how to keep yourself and pets safe and healthy or how to get through many days of staying home, Emma has answers for you.
  • Ice Melt and Antifreeze

    Emma covers cold-weather questions about ice-melt and antifreeze.
  • Obesity and Baths

    Emma takes on questions about pet obesity and bathing.
  • Ask Emma: Tips for a Happy Halloween

    In this informative “Ask Emma” video, Emma shares a few potential spooky problems that Halloween can bring for furry family members.
  • Career Paths and Pets as Gifts

    Emma focuses on questions about animal centered career paths and giving pets as gifts.
  • Emergency Preparedness and Dorm Living

    Emma answers questions about disaster preparedness and bringing pets to college.
  • Monthly Preventatives and Micro Pigs

    Emma tackles questions about monthly flea and tick preventatives and the misconception of “teacup” pigs.

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