El Sanctuario de Animales

Country: El Salvador

Years of Partnership: 5

Doing a lot with a little

El Santuario de Animales is a unique and dedicated group of animal activists outside of San Salvador, El Salvador. Founded in 2009, this group is dedicated to rehabilitating abused and abandoned animals, combating overpopulation with spay and neuter and placing their furry fellas in loving, forever homes. 

They believe compassionate activism will leave a lasting mark on the planet and its human and animal inhabitants. As such, they are dedicated to public education, free veterinary care, sterilization campaigns and vaccinating. This devoted group provides a place of refuge and hope for the animals in their care. Through SPCA International’s veterinary supply aid donations, they are able to serve more animals in their community and make a greater impact.

(clockwise from top): El Santuario volunteer treats a dog during a local clinic, El Santuario de Animales activists stand outside the shelter’s entrance for a group photo after a long day helping community animals, rescued puppy gets warm while receiving life-saving fluids.