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Apollo’s Aid

SPCA International’s Operation Military Pets program has been ensuring that military families stay united with their furry companions since 2013. Thanks to the program’s assistance, over 1,000 families have been able to keep their pets with them instead of surrendering them to shelters. As demand for support has increased, the program has expanded its scope and been renamed Apollo’s Aid. Apollo’s Aid not only helps families with permanent change of station orders but also provides aid for animal medical emergencies to all military members and supports refugee families in reuniting with their beloved pets.

Apollo’s Aid is named after a heroic dog named Apollo, who suffered from severe abuse before SPCA International rescued him through their Patriot Pets program in 2018. Due to his past injuries, Apollo required significant medical care, which he received with the help of SPCAI’s dedicated team, his devoted family, and veterinary professionals. Apollo has since passed on, but his legacy lives on through the program, which ensures that military and refugee families can keep their beloved pets with them.

Permanent Change of Station Support:

SPCA International’s Permanent Change of Station support is designed to help only active members of the military that have exhausted all options for paying to relocate their pets. It is open to all branches of the military, whether being relocated within the United States or anywhere in the world. It is designed to keep pets with the ones they love.

Medical Assistance:

SPCA International’s Apollo’s Aid medical grant program provides financial support for emergency medical cases for all Military members, including veterans, reservists, active duty, and DOD Contractors. It is designed to relieve some of the financial burdens for our service members when an unexpected medical issue arises.

Refugee Assistance:

SPCA International’s Apollo’s Aid refugee program is a financial aid program for refugees that have been displaced from their homes and are seeking assistance for their beloved pets. It is designed to reunite refugees with their pets when an unexpected issue arises.

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