Ravi Foundation

Country: Pakistan

Years of Partnership: 6

Saving flood and drought affected animals

Year after year terrible flooding and drought affects hundreds of thousands of people and animals in Pakistan, and the Ravi Foundation continues to be one of the only regional organizations serving animals when these disasters strike. Ravi Foundation is able to provide food and medical care to livestock and working animals during disaster, without which many animals would perish. This unique and innovative organization is constantly working to secure the funding and supplies needed before another disaster strikes. 

With help from SPCAI, Ravi Foundation is able to send medicine and supplies to their local veterinary hospital for flood and drought affected animals. Their work not only helps the animals of the region, but also the families that rely on their livestock for milk and income. Ravi Foundation is also dedicated to humane animal education and the betterment of the stray dog and cat populations that surround them.

(clockwise from top left): Pakistani woman holds a kid helped by Ravi Foundation, locals stand with goats that supply milk and income, Ravi Foundation employees inspect supplies upon arrival, SPCA International VSA shipment arrives.