Your Generosity in 2021

This year, many animals around the globe remained at-risk as the pandemic continued to threaten economies and livelihoods. The poorest countries have been hardest hit and it is no coincidence they are also some of the countries with the worst conditions for animals. 

Thanks to you, SPCA International was able to rush aid where it was needed most. These are just a few of the things we accomplished together in 2021.

A sudden and unexpected change in CDC guidelines has made it nearly impossible to bring dogs from over 100 countries into the U.S. Thanks to the dedication of our donors, the SPCA International team and many partners around the globe, we were able to quickly bring 17 dogs to the U.S. ahead of the rule change. We continue to support the revision of this policy and help individuals apply for exemptions for their pets whenever possible. We are also exploring alternate but longer paths for animals to come into the U.S., such as six-month waiting periods in approved countries.

With your support, over $140k was dedicated to promoting spay and neuter through targeted education and free or low-cost spay and neuter clinics. Spay and neuter continues to be the best way to keep animal populations under control which means they are cared for by people and stay healthy. Keeping animals healthy keeps communities healthy.

Through our innovative Veterinary Supply Aid program, hundreds of units of medicine and medical supplies were sent around the globe to treat hurt and suffering animals. Generous North American businesses donate the supplies free of charge and generous donations provide for the cost of shipping supplies where they are needed most.

$270k was raised to rescue animals from Afghanistan. We are thrilled to announce that your support will bring hundreds of dogs and cats from Afghanistan to North America. If all goes as planned, they’ll arrive within the month.

Thank you for making this important work possible. YOUR support saved lives and eased suffering in 2021. We look forward to all we will accomplish together in 2022.