Tanzania Animal Welfare Society

Country: Tanzania

Years of Partnership: 11

Equine care and education clinics reduce animal suffering

In a part of the world where clean running water is miles away from villages and homes, donkeys are used to fetch clean water from water points in the nearby mountains. The donkeys carry heavy jerry cans strapped across their backs with thin rope and no padding, or they pull carts that cause terrible wounds as they bump against their hindquarters on the way down the mountain. But even after these wounds are open-the people have no choice but to keep that donkey going up and down the mountain for water every day. 

In partnership with SPCAI, Tanzania Animal Welfare Society (TAWESO) provides veterinary care to these donkeys, educates their human caretakers to help prevent these injuries, encourages humane care and improves donkey lifespans in the region. TAWESO also runs veterinary clinics for dogs and cats in the area; providing countless life-saving surgeries and vaccinations against rabies and other prevalent diseases each year.

(clockwise from top): Donkeys carrying jerry cans strung with inadequate protection, Dr. Kahema speaks with locals about humane care at donkey clinic, Donkey with serious wound caused by pulling carts down the mountain without adequate protection.