Who does not have a cell phone these days?  The answer is, probably very few people.  For this reason, there is no excuse for not taking current photos of your companion animals as part of your disaster preparedness efforts, since most phones now have built in cameras.  Having easy access to these photos, should your animal get lost or you are separated from you during a disaster, could mean the difference between being reunited with them or never seeing them again. 

Get past procrastination and set aside 15 minutes and take half a dozen or more photos of all your companion animals.  If your companion animal has any distinguishing marks include them in the photos.  Be sure to also include a family member in several of the photos in case you have to prove the animal belongs to you.  With today’s technology, a cell phone with a built in camera makes it simple to email photos of a lost animal to a printer so posters can be made or to a newspaper so a lost ad can be placed.  Lost Posters and ads will be far more effective if a photo is provided. 

Whenever an animal gets lost it is always scary for them and for you, but it is even worse in a disaster.  So, if you are one of those few people that don’t have a phone, find someone that does own one and get pictures taken today of those animals that mean so much to you.