Become A Foster

Thank you for your interest in fostering for SPCA International’s PAWsitive Recovery program. We are excited that you are interested in fostering with us and helping people and their animals along the road to recovery.

Before applying, please carefully review the following:

We require an application, references, a home visit, as well as a foster contract.

All of your current pets must be spayed or neutered, unless it is a service dog, show animal or if your animal has a medical condition which would not allow it to be sterilized (you’ll need a letter from your vet).

If you rent, we’ll need confirmation from your landlord stating you’re allowed to foster the animal(s). Their contact information needs to be on the letter. We expect that you will pay your pet deposit and pet rent if applicable.

If you own your home, we may verify this with the county. If your name is not on the county’s records as the owner, we will need a letter from the property owner stating you’re allowed to keep the animal(s) in the home.

When we schedule a home inspection with you, we expect you to be ready to foster the animal(s). We expect that the entire family has agreed to foster and is ready to bring the animals(s) into the family.

You must be within reasonable distance to the Denver area.

The applicant must be over the age of age of eighteen.

We may ask to see your driver’s license at the time of the home visit. We expect the address on your license to match the address where we’re doing the home visit. If it’s different, we’ll need to see utility bills or other such documentation proving you live at the address where the home visit is done.

Pawsitive Recovery does not reimburse for any cost or expense that you have incurred for the animal(s), but will pay its approved veterinarians directly for necessary foster care and will provide food, medication and other supplies from its donated stock.

You will keep foster dog(s) on a leash or inside a fence any time it is outdoors.

You will provide proper introduction to other animals in the household or animals met outside the household.

If the foster arrangement is not working out, you will contact SPCA International to return the animal and you will not take it anywhere else.

You agree that while actively fostering for SPCA International’s PAWsitive Recovery program you will not foster another animal from another rescue in the same foster home.

If you rent, it is your responsibility to verify any size or breed restrictions with your landlord and to notify SPCA International of such.

You are responsible for verifying city, county or state laws regarding the keeping of cats and dogs, including the legal number of cats/dogs allowed, licensing requirements and whether certain breeds of dog are banned or restricted in your community and to notify SPCA International of these requirements or restrictions.

We reserve the right to deny any foster application without providing a reason.

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