Dogfighting Defined

Dogfighting may seem like a thing of the past, but it is all too present today. In every U.S. state and all over the world – this cruelty is happening every day, every hour, and this very minute.

Dogs are being starved, beaten, left outside with festering wounds and even thrown out with the trash. All this, so people can boost their egos and profit from gambling on dogfights. In the ring, dogs maul each other and often fight to the death. Can you even imagine cheering as one dog tears the lips and nose off another?

It might surprise you, but the abuse doesn’t stop when the fight is over. To keep dogs aggressive, owners beat them, withhold food, run them on treadmills until they collapse, inject them with steroids and stimulants…the list goes on. And for those dogs too kind for fighting, their fate is even worse.

If a dog won’t fight back, they become a bait dog. Bait dogs are tied on short ropes, their snouts are taped shut or their teeth are ground down so they can’t defend themselves -then they are attacked over and over by other dogs being trained for the ring. Finally, with bodies shredded beyond repair, dogs are dumped, sometimes still alive – left alone to die in agony, in a dumpster full of trash.

Caring animal lovers like us must step up to stop this terrible sport – if not us, who will?