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Trophy Hunting Myths

Many myths surround trophy hunting. Read on to learn the reality.

Myth #1 – Trophy hunting supports healthy populations

Reality – Trophy hunters target animals with the best physical traits. They usually target males with big manes, horns, tusks or antlers. This means animal groups lose leaders. This can lead to more deaths. For example, when a male lion is killed, his entire pride suffers. Younger males kill each other as they fight for control, females are killed protecting their cubs, and an entire generation of cubs is often wiped out by the new pride leader.

Myth #2 – Trophy hunting provides money to poor communities

Reality – Studies have shown that very little money goes to poor local communities. Less than 5% of the price paid by hunters stays in local communities. The rest of the money goes to middlemen and government officials.

Myth #3 – Trophy hunting prevents poaching

Reality – Trophy hunting protects and empowers poachers. Poachers can gain access to protected areas. They can claim they are scouting for a trophy hunting client. It is very hard to regulate poaching when trophy hunting is legal.

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