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Zoey’s New Lease on Life

Zoey was in terrible pain and grave danger from infection, with a wound covering much of her back. Her rescuers aren’t exactly sure what happened, but the wound makes them believe some cruel person tried to skin her alive.

Thankfully, they had access to veterinary supplies through SPCA International’s Veterinary Supply Aid program and were able to ease Zoey’s pain while staving off infection. Zoey’s story could have had a much different ending without those life-saving supplies.

Today, Zoey has fully healed, both in body and soul. She happily lives with her new family in Germany, where she is loved and nurtured.

SPCA International’s Veterinary Supply Aid program helps thousands of animals like Zoey each year by ensuring shelters and rescue groups have the supplies they need to treat the wounded and sick they rescue. The program is critical for groups that struggle to source and afford adequate supplies.

Thank you for supporting Zoey’s recovery and the care of so many other animals in need.