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Animal AWARE

Country: Guatemala

Years of Partnership: 11

Providing monthly spay and neuter clinics for the community

Animal AWARE is the largest non-profit, non-governmental animal shelter in Central America (outside Mexico). They are dedicated to the rescue and welfare of abandoned and abused animals. Founded in 1998, AWARE has grown to be an essential safe haven for animals in the impoverished communities it serves. Nestled in the hills above Guatemala City, the AWARE staff and volunteers enjoy hiking up and down their steep terrain with the animals in their care. AWARE is an excellent example of a shelter that’s doing a lot with a small budget and limited resources.

With the veterinary supplies and financial grants provided by SPCA International, AWARE was able to help over 1,500 animals in Guatemala in 2015 including the animals who call AWARE home and hundreds of animals they serve during their monthly low-cost spay and neuter clinics.

(clockwise from top): Local Guatemalan man brings his dog to a low-cost spay and neuter clinic at AWARE’s shelter, AWARE shelters many special needs animals that would otherwise have no hope of survival, a resident cat climbs in the cattery which is home to over 50 felines.