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Putnam County SPCA

SPCA International has been proudly supporting Putnam County SPCA since 2011 through our Shelter Support Fund program. Putnam County SPCA is an independent charitable organization that has been granted police powers to enforce animal cruelty statutes. Their work is critically important and includes investigating situations of animal cruelty and enforcing animal cruelty laws.

Though not a shelter, Putnam County SPCA provides a 24-hour cruelty hotline for community members to report suspected cases of animal cruelty, and they often care for animals for extended periods of time while court cases are ongoing.

In addition to rescuing animals from cruelty, Putnam County SPCA also helps build a safer county for animals through humane education. Officers provide education at local schools to ensure students know how to treat animals and how to identify instances of animal cruelty in their communities.