Putnam County SPCA

Brewster, New York
Type of Organization
Animal Welfare
Rescue and Education
Services Provided
Anti-Cruelty and Animal Rescue
Spay and Neuter Clinics
Education and Advocacy
Their Work

“At the end of the day, can you say, “I saved an animal today?”

The Putnam SPCA is an independent organization, in the Putnam County of New York, providing much needed services of enforcing the animal cruelty laws, providing humane education, and housing the abused animals seized from terrible situations.  Officers conduct criminal investigations, make arrests, and work with all other law enforcement agencies in response to neglect and cruelty to animals.

Providing this service to the residents and animals of Putnam County is extremely costly.  Tending and treating the abused and injured animals, providing shelter during pending court hearings (sometime up to a year) and afterwards, insurance, gasoline, vehicles, etc. are all expenses that are incurred.  Without your donation, they can’t possibly continue to help animals who are subjected to acts of violence and cruelty.  They are in desperate need of housing for seized animals and funding to cover expenses.  Endowments/donations/gifts of property, funds, etc. are all essential to our survival.

The Putnam County SPCA offers the unique opportunity to all schools in Putnam County to have officers from the Humane Law Enforcement Department visit their students and teach Humane Education. Humane Education classes show students what Animal Cruelty is, how it is defined, how it is combated, what the appropriate steps are if observed, and the effects of it on animals and humans.

Additional Info and Website

To find out more about The Putnam SPCA and to make a donation please visit their website at www.spcaputnam.org or email them at [email protected].