Veterinary Supply Aid: Supplies that Save Lives

Of SPCA International’s programs, Veterinary Supply Aid is one of the biggest. This program operates year-round, collecting supply donations from manufacturers, distributors and veterinary clinics in North America and shipping them to animal welfare groups in countries throughout the world.

Veterinary Supply Aid reaches shelters and rescue groups in dire need of supplies to ease pain, keep animals healthy and ultimately save lives. Each shipment is unique, but they typically include veterinary supplies such as syringes, catheters and gauze; personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks and aprons; and medications such as pain relievers, antiparasitic medications and antibiotics.

Despite the straight-forward nature of this program, the logistics are anything but simple. Each country requires different types of permits, and some prohibit certain types of supplies. COVID-19 supply chain issues meant many recent shipments took longer than usual to move through customs or had to be rerouted entirely to ensure no supplies went to waste. Thankfully, most ports of entry are now operating normally, and supplies are reaching their destinations where they can be used for the animals who need care.

This is one example of a recent shipment sent to Sintang Orangutan Center in Indonesia.