Leo & Lindsey: Together at Last

We’re excited to share that we recently completed our first Patriot Pets mission of 2023! Despite obstacles caused by the CDC’s new regulations regarding the importation of dogs into the United States, our team was able to bring seven very lucky dogs home to reunite with the U.S. service members who rescued and befriended them on deployment. Leo, an adorable big boy who loves belly rubs, was one of them. After months apart, he reunited with Lieutenant Lindsey in upstate New York. We couldn’t help but shed happy tears during this heartwarming reunion. 

Reunions like this one are possible thanks to generous supporters like you. Please consider donating to our Patriot Pets program to help make more reunions like this a reality

*We previously shared that Liberty (rescued by Sergeant Eric) would be coming home as part of this mission, but due to some health concerns, Liberty could not fly to the U.S. Fortunately, she’s all better now. Liberty will take her freedom flight in just a few days. Stay tuned for her reunion with her hero!