A New Leash On Life

Over 20 million Americans struggle with substance abuse — most do not get the care they desperately need to recover. Our new Shelter Support partner, PAWsitive Recovery, is dedicated to helping animals in need while breaking down the barriers keeping individuals battling this disease from seeking treatment.

For many people struggling with addiction, getting help means checking into a long-term inpatient program at a treatment center. For those who have pets, this is nearly impossible to do. Imagine wanting to get better and having to choose between surrendering your beloved pet to a shelter so that you can go to treatment or keeping your pet and not getting the help you need. No one should have to make that choice. 

PAWsitive Recovery’s founder, Serena Saunders, knows that keeping people and their pets together is critical to long-term recovery. That is why PAWsitive Recovery focuses on helping both people and animals heal from the wounds of addiction, trauma, and abuse.

PAWsitive Recovery offers: 

  • Temporary pet foster care for individuals seeking treatment and those recovering from domestic violence
  • Pet visits for people in treatment centers and shelters
  • Volunteer/community service opportunities at animal shelters for those in recovery or healing from domestic violence
  • Animal-focused therapy in treatment centers and shelters
  • Animal-focused workshops in treatment centers and shelters

PAWsitive Recovery was established just two years ago but has already tremendously impacted countless lives. Two saved by PAWsitive Recovery are Brett and his pup, Oliver. 

“The support of everybody and PAWsitive Recovery, knowing that he’s with somebody and safe and getting better, I honestly wouldn’t be in treatment right now if it wasn’t for you guys. I don’t know where he and I would be…but probably not a good place. I wouldn’t be in treatment, and I probably wouldn’t have him at all.” – Brett

Watch How PAWsitive Recovery Is Changing Lives: 

SPCA International recognizes the vital work that PAWsitive Recovery is doing for animals and people in need and is proud to support their life-saving work. To learn more about PAWsitive Recovery, please visit: https://pawsitive-recovery.com/