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Can you imagine being a soldier, deployed in a war zone, and befriending a stray dog, in your time of need and companionship, only to have to leave that pup behind at the end of your deployment?

The military prohibits dogs from traveling home with soldiers, leaving many service members forced to leave their battle buddies behind. These animals are left in war-torn countries, at risk of suffering from starvation, disease, abuse, and in many cases, being euthanized.

We can not leave these innocent animals behind.

Help Us Bring Patriot Pets Home

Reuniting patriot pets with the heroes who rescue them is not easy. It is a long, complicated, and expensive process. The cost of providing these animals with safe shelter, vaccinations, sterilization surgeries, training, and transportation to the United States adds up quickly. These rescues can last from a few weeks to several months and cost between $4,000 to $9,000 per animal.

Every donation helps us get one step closer to reuniting a patriot pet with their hero.

Save Animals & Give Back to the Troops


Meet some of the Patriot Pets that are waiting to be reunited with their soldiers.


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Help us make special reunions like this one possible.

Leo’s Story

While on patrol, Lieutenant Lindsey found a dog that had been attacked. He was skin and bones, and Lindsey knew he would not survive alone. Despite it being against the rules, Lindsey brought the fragile puppy back with her.

Lindsey named him Leo and gave him food and a safe place to sleep. As Leo began to recover, his personality shined through. He was sweet and friendly and loved getting belly rubs from everyone. Lindsey and Leo quickly became inseparable. Lindsey had saved Leo, and Leo turned out to be exactly what Lindsey needed to keep her spirits up while on deployment.

But as her deployment ended, Lindsey worried for Leo’s future. The Army does not allow dogs to travel back to the U.S. with soldiers. Leo was in danger of being left behind in a war-torn country. Lindsey knew if that happened, Leo would likely not survive.

That’s when Lindsey reached out to SPCA International for help, and through our Patriot Pets program, we were able to bring Leo home to reunite with Lindsey. After months apart, the two are finally together again, enjoying life in upstate New York.