Lola’s Second Chance

Last month, we shared Lola’s heartbreaking story with you. Lola spent her entire life confined to a heavy chain in a filthy backyard, exploited and neglected by her owners. They used her for breeding, sold her puppies to dog fighters, and abandoned her on the street. When people on the street saw her barely hanging on to life, rather than helping her, they began throwing rocks at her. By the time our partner in Azerbaijan, Good World Animal Rescue and Protection (GWARP), found her, Lola was ready to give up. 

But we couldn’t give up on her, and thanks to your generous donation, she was able to get the emergency medical aid she needed. After much around-the-clock care and love, we are excited to report that Lola is on the mend. She has responded well to treatment, and her skin has dramatically improved. The team at GWARP is working on getting Lola to trust people again, and she has already started playing with other dogs and following the shelter staff around. We are hopeful that, with time, she will be able to fully let her guard down and feel safe.

Lola has suffered so much. She deserves a loving forever home where she will feel loved. We want to help Lola find her forever home, so we are covering up to $2,000 of her transportation costs.* If you want to give Lola the loving home she deserves, please email [email protected] or submit an application at

*Lola’s adoption fee is $500 and must be paid to GWARP. SPCA International will cover up to $2,000 of her transportation costs. Should transportation costs exceed that amount, the remaining balance will be the adopter’s responsibility.