Disaster Relief: Helping Animals Impacted by Flooding in Brazil

Brazil endured two weeks of relentless heavy rain in late April and early May, submerging much of the Rio Grande do Sul region. Water levels surged to the rooftops, sweeping away cars and destroying much of the infrastructure. The disaster has claimed 172 lives and displaced around 800,000 people. The flooding also impacted thousands of animals, particularly strays, who had nowhere to go and no one to protect them. 

Upon receiving reports of animals stranded on rooftops, desperately awaiting rescue, we knew immediate action was needed. Our team swiftly mobilized, contacting local partners and rushing funds to secure essential supplies for rescue operations.

Thanks to the generosity of compassionate donors like you, we raised enough funds to support Only Cats, a private clinic that opened its doors to stray cats during the flooding. The clinic quickly became overwhelmed with the influx of cats, with more arriving daily. Our team provided crucial assistance, including financial support for three air conditioning units and creating temporary housing for the new arrivals. Together, we helped over 350 stray cats, many of whom are now in loving foster homes.

Recognizing that many animals were still stranded in the Sao Leopoldo area, we assembled a rescue team. Locals alerted us to the dire situation: scared, starving cats and dogs were beginning to eat each other. We knew swift action was crucial.

Led by the remarkable local rescuer Jackson Ferreira and Resgatinhos Itacuruca, the team rescued terrified stray cats from rooftops and brought them to safety. They also scaled buildings to enter flooded homes where pets had been left behind. Working tirelessly day and night, the team saved 47 cats, three dogs, and one chicken from the flood zone.

On dry land, the rest of our team aided at makeshift shelters housing over 3,000 animals evacuated from the flood zone. While some animals have reunited with their owners, much work remains. Many animals still await their families, and countless strays need loving homes.

Thanks to Indefesos, a wonderful organization in Rio de Janeiro, Indefesos, some animals are already on their way to finding new families. After being rescued from the flood zone, we helped transport two dogs and three cats to their shelter, where they received the medical attention, love, and care needed to prepare for adoption. It warms our hearts to know they will soon be with loving families.

The devastation caused by this flood is indescribable. Our hearts go out to all the people and animals of Brazil who have lost so much. We hope we can play a small role in rebuilding what was lost.

Thank you to everyone who made these rescues possible, especially: Resgatinhos Itacuruca, Oito Vidas, and Osindefesos. You are true heroes.

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