An Exciting Updated on the Abandoned Horses

Animal rescue laws differ widely worldwide, making international rescues particularly challenging. When we learned about a group of horses abandoned in a junkyard in Morocco, we knew it wouldn’t be easy to save them, but we were determined. Some horses had already died, and we knew we had to act swiftly to save the remaining ten.

Thanks to our generous supporters, we raised funds to purchase land and build a stable near our local partner’s property. While construction began, the Morocco Animal Aid team visited the horses daily, providing food, water, and medical care. However, gaining legal ownership of the horses proved more challenging than anticipated. After weeks of negotiations, we finally succeeded in bringing the horses into safe care.

The horses have started healing and are ready to embrace their new home. And Morocco Animal Aid has been working with local authorities to ensure that they are alerted if any other horses are abandoned in the junkyard, allowing them to act before it’s too late. The newly constructed sanctuary houses twelve horses, including the ten rescued from the junkyard.

We will never forget the horrific conditions the horses endured or the innocent lives lost. However, it brings us immense joy to have saved the others, who will now live the rest of their lives peacefully.