URGENT: Help Save Animals Impacted by Flooding in Brazil!

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, was hit with catastrophic flooding earlier this month. After over a week of heavy rain, much of the region was entirely underwater, with roads destroyed, bridges washed out, and thousands of animals left stranded, facing the risk of drowning or starvation. Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly in the flood zone to rescue these vulnerable animals. From stray cats and dogs stranded on rooftops to beloved pets separated from their families, we’re committed to bringing them to safety.

The floods’ impact is far more severe than we anticipated. Rescuers have set up makeshift shelters to care for the rescued animals, but they need food, medical attention, and more permanent housing. With thousands of animals still in need and rescues ongoing, our team relies on your generous support to continue this critical work.

These animals have no one else. Please donate today to help us save more lives.