Putnam County SPCA

SPCA International’s support for overseas animal welfare organizations is well known, but we also support critical animal welfare efforts here in the U.S. Putnam County SPCA is the only animal welfare organization operating in their county and we are proud to support their life-saving work.

Help Pax Now – SPCAI sender

Help Pax Now PAX’S STORY Pax is such a sweet puppy. At just a few months old, he shouldn’t know the meaning of pain and suffering. But he has been hurt terribly. His wounds were inflicted by someone who didn’t value his life. They brutally cut his ears and tail, then dumped him to fend […]

Lola and Champ Safe in SPCA International Care

Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide rescue process is anything but easy and pets typically spend several weeks in SPCA International care before being cleared for travel. Champ and Lola are just two of the animals currently awaiting their final travel arrangements so they can reunite with their soldiers in the U.S.