SPCA International Partners with West Bank Animal Shelters for Evacuation Flight and Rescue of 70 Dogs to the U.S.

The rescues will arrive at The ARK at JFK on March 15 and embark on their journey to their forever homes

NEW YORK (March 15, 2024) – Animal welfare organization SPCA International, in partnership with Daily Hugz Animal Sanctuary and Bethlehem Animal Shelter, is facilitating the rescue of 70 dogs from the West Bank and Bethlehem. 60 dogs will come from Daily Hugz Animal Sanctuary, and 10 will come from Bethlehem Animal Rescue.  On March 15 the chartered rescue flight, through partner Fly Alliance, will arrive at JFK Airport in New York City, marking the culmination of months of dedicated efforts to organize these dogs’ life-changing journey to the US.

Following their arrival, each dog will be examined by the veterinary team at The Ark, JFK’s Animal Reception Center, and given time to decompress from the journey. After this recovery period, Race for Life Rescue and Wings of Rescue, will assist in transporting many of these rescues to local rescue groups across several states, including Illinois, California, Ohio, Michigan, Washington, and Wyoming.

“We are filled with pride and gratitude to welcome these rescues to the US through this remarkable mission,” said Lori Kalef, Director of Programs at SPCA International. “The tireless efforts of our partners and supporters have made this life-saving flight possible. These dogs have faced unimaginable hardship, but on March 15, our team is excited to greet them with open arms and lots of treats as we help give them the loving homes they deserve!”

Facing a complex landscape of limited resources and ongoing conflict, Daily Hugz Animal Sanctuary and Bethlehem Animal Shelter served as havens for these stray dogs and provided them with the best possible care and safety in a time of need. SPCA International is deeply appreciative of both of these organizations for rescuing these animals and is proud to work alongside them in bringing these dogs one step closer to their forever homes.  

“At the time of our greatest despair, it was SPCA International which stepped in to provide hope for the dozens of dogs trapped in an increasingly violent environment”, said Maad Abu-Ghazalah, founder of the Daily Hugz Animal Sanctuary in the West Bank. “In the face of all the hurdles in our path, our international team, led by SPCAI, showed tenacity to ensure that no dog got left behind.  From the truck drivers who transported the dogs across the Israeli checkpoint to the US pilots who volunteered their time to fly the dogs to their new homes, we are grateful to all who took part in this historic mission.”  

Missions like these are made possible through supporter contributions. The need to advocate for and rescue animals continues, and SPCA International remains committed to supporting such efforts and ensuring the animals’ transition to loving homes are a resounding success. Every contribution, big or small, helps them bring rescue animals closer to love and safety. Readers can donate to and support SPCA International here.