YOU made this possible – 1,236 lives saved in Panama!

By Lori Kalef SPCA International In association with our good friends at Spay Panama, 1,236 dogs and cats were not only sterilized, but received veterinary care and the compassion every animal deserves.  And it’s all because of you! Throughout the month, we told you about TVT, a disease contracted by dogs in certain equatorial regions that causes unimaginable suffering.  Predominantly, unaltered males and females are afflicted with this atrocious disease because it is usually transmitted during mating.  The symptoms are appalling – open painful tumors, diseased extremities and inevitable death. Without life saving sterilization surgery, this disease would continue to spread like wildfire, attacking the already forgotten and less fortunate dogs of Panama. But because of you, hundreds of animals will not be adding to the overpopulated streets and will not be spreading this disease. You made this happen! On September 30th, we were able to reach our fundraising goal that enabled 12 veterinarians to help so many suffering animals over the course of 5 days. This mega spay event for World Animal Day marks SPCA International’s 4th year of partnership with Spay Panama to help street animals as well as providing low cost veterinary care, spay and neuter to countless low-income families across the country. Your support helped reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats in Panama and helped to promote a better future for companion animals.  This year, each animal was able to receive a de-wormer, vitamins, flea and tick care, wound treatment and of course sterilization. Thank YOU for being part of our team and making this happen.  Thank YOU for saving so many lives.