Baghdad Pups: Where are They Now?

In May, our Operation Baghdad Pups program team was able to ensure some of the most heartfelt reunions – seventeen in all.  These dogs and cats that would have otherwise been left to a horrible fate in Iraq are now living it up in North America!

BARLEY (the 1st)
When we first heard about Barley, formerly Trust, from her caretaker in Baghdad, she was hiding from the hot sun in an abandoned villa looking after her 3rd set of puppies. Always making sure they ate first, the kind hand who risked her life feeding them daily described Barley as fearful, but gentle, almost knowing that at any moment her life could be taken from her by an unkind Iraqi.

These days Barley can be seen camping on weekends and enjoying rides in a motorboat on the west coast, but don’t worry she still gets plenty of sun!



Fred stole our hearts the moment we met him. Shot in the foot as a cruel prank, a dog who should otherwise be aggressive towards humans exhibited such love. He even let us take him back to our hotel room to look after his wound round the clock. Fred is now living a wonderful life in Texas without any threat with his family who anxiously awaited his arrival for months. He even has a new brother named Moby!



George was an immediate hero to his beloved American while stationed in Baghdad. Life is very restricted and days are monotonous in Iraq, so when George found his way into the heart of our friend, Guy, their two lives were immediately changed forever. From living together in a tiny room in a compound to a life of freedom and endless yard in Virginia, George sure found a happy ending and perfect life!



Who could ever forget sweet little Taboga? As a tiny pup Taboga lost his mom, but found his “forever dad” while roaming around the dangerous streets of Baghdad. Taboga, our littlest arrival was quick to adjust to life in America with a family to love him and a comfortable couch too!



A life for a street cat in Iraq is very short. If they aren’t prey to the packs of dogs, they are abused by locals and often killed by the Iraqi Army. Lani must have had extra keen street smarts to make her way to safety and into the arms of Mikkel in Iraq.  Now Lani gets to live the life every cat deserves…when she isn’t sleeping!



Rodney was not intending to meet the dog that would later become his son’s best friend when he was doing his rounds that day in Baghdad. But with a greeting like this, who could refuse? Sweet Biscuit made her way to the U.S. through every staff member’s heart on her journey home. When we recently checked in with Rodney, his response said it all, “Biscuit is loving life! She is enjoying her new Texas home with 20 acres to run around on and "learning the ropes" from my other two dogs. All my thanks to everyone at SPCAI who helped me, help her!”

Charlie was one of the last pups to join our May mission. Orphaned as just a tiny pup, Charlie was found in the knick of time by her American dad while living in Baghdad. She is now living her new life in Alaska! Her dad writes, “Charlie is awesome! She's a happy little girl and has made a bunch of friends in Alaska. She hates bears, beavers and rabbits though. I don't get the rabbit part, but she wants nothing to do with them.Thanks again for everything, I am extremely grateful for your (SPCAI) help.”

BARLEY (the 2nd)

Ironically enough, “Chu” now renamed Barley, is in fact an offspring of our Barley mom above! Charming and playful from the very start, it was simple to see why his adopter fell in love at first sight. Today they report, “All is well with Barley! He resides with us in his own room at our home in Ocala, Florida. We are so thankful to have him in our family. Although he has not warmed up to our Maltese-Poodle mix, Cuddles, it is not because he isn't trying. I think Cuddles is wondering why we brought this big guy into the mix after her 5 years of lone pet time and spoiling!  He gets many looks while on walks in our neighborhood. In fact, people driving often slow to a complete stop to ask what type of breed he is and how old. It gives us time to remember how much we truly appreciate his unique looks and demeanor. He is now approximately 10 months by all accounts of his history in Iraq.  We have lots of appreciation for you and [SPCA International]!”

Our sweet traveler Squeak made the journey to the U.S. without so much as single meow! Given her sweet nature, she easily found her way into the hearts of her U.S. family where she now resides with another kitty who was brought back from Afghanistan! We are pretty sure they have been exchanging war stories since they met.

On behalf of all of us, we thank each and everyone involved in making Operation Baghdad Pups the success it is today, these reunions could not be possible without your support!