Diary of a Crazy Animal Person

By Lori Kalef

It’s 1:09am, and I’ve checked my smart phone 6 times since I went to bed. I cannot sleep until I know that they are okay. I cannot sleep until I get the email that they are safe.

Rescuing animals across the world is not an easy task, especially when you’re dealing with language barriers, ever changing policies and war-zoned areas. I’m often on the phone in the middle of the night, speaking through Google translate or off on a plane to the unknown.

My friends tell me that I am so lucky to have a job that I am so passionate about. They tell me this when I am delirious from sleep deprivation, when I have been urinated on by a dog for the 4th time that day and even when I can’t make it to a best friend’s wedding because there are street dogs in Panama that need my help.
These are the friends who understand that I would rather miss out on important events because my special needs dog gets anxious when I’ve been away too long or that working every waking hour is actually not work, but love.

You don’t have to be crazy to love animals the way I do, but sometimes it helps because you know that another life (even just one) is completely dependent on you, and you will do anything to save that life.

They say that in rescuing animals you lose your mind but find your heart. I think I’ll go with the big heart and let the mind follow.