Pet Rescue Pilots: Rescuing by Relocation

Julian Javor, founder of Pet Rescue Pilots has been “Rescuing by Relocation” since 2017. Based in California, where tens of thousands of pets are euthanized in shelters each year, Julian and his team fly animals in danger of euthanasia to shelters that have forever families waiting to adopt.

A true labor of love, Pet Rescue Pilots rarely turns down the chance to help animals in need. They have stepped in to fly lost pets to their homes several states away, helping families reunite with animals they thought were lost forever. They have also been an incredible partner to SPCA International, assisting with domestic and international rescue missions and relocations.

Pet Rescue Pilots has become a valuable partner for many other animal welfare organizations in our network. They recently transported 30 dogs from an overcrowded shelter in California to one of our partners in Canada. There, shelter staff quickly began coordinating the placement of these pets into their new forever homes.

On a recent rescue mission, Pet Rescue Pilots transported at-risk dogs from California to Canada

SPCA International is excited to announce that we will be sponsoring an upcoming Pet Rescue Pilots flight, saving pets from euthanasia and ensuring they are placed in safe and loving forever homes.