Cathulhu the Kitty is Safe

Sergeant Arielle didn’t know if the tiny, starving kitten she found would make it. Today, that kitten is the beloved Cathulhu. These two now have an unbreakable bond, and thanks to many generous SPCA International supporters, they’ll be reunited soon in the U.S.

The Sergeant’s hands were tied by military regulations that don’t allow pets on official military transport. So, as her deployment came to a close, she reached out for help getting Cathulhu to her home in the U.S.

Thankfully, Cathulhu is now safe in our care. She is receiving her vaccinations and her travel paperwork is being processed. Cathulhu should be cleared for travel by early November; then, she will reunite with Sergeant Arielle.

We expect that Cathulhu will live a long and happy life with Sergeant Arielle. These two will be forever grateful to everyone who helped provide for Cathulhu’s rescue and travel to the U.S.